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Individual Counseling

Your First Appointments

Individual Counseling begins with administration of a biopsychosocial assessment, which will help to identify your treatment goals and needs. After establishing an individualized treatment plan and working with you to identify and prioritize greatest areas of need, various therapeutic interventions may be used in helping you to meet your treatment goals. Possible therapeutic interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Crisis Management, Solution-Focused Therapy, Strategic Therapy, Trauma Counseling, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, among others. SAMSHA reported that in 2014, 7.9 million individuals aged 18 and older suffered from co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders, which calls to attention the importance of incorporating therapeutic interventions and mental health treatment into medication assisted treatment.

In addition to providing counseling to patients participating in medication assisted treatment, Milestone counselors offer services to individuals with other addiction and mental health diagnoses. Please plan to spend approximately 1 hour at your initial counseling appointment with Milestone.

Treatment Goals

Milestone counselors will develop a strategy and work with you to address progress in achieving treatment goals, while also redefining your goals as necessary. Many times these goals involve learning coping skills, managing emotions without turning to mood altering substances, and enhancing social supports. At each appointment, you and your counselor will work together to identify the pieces holding you back, as well as the individual strengths you bring to treatment.


Individual counseling with Milestone is judgment free and strengths based. Our counselors aim to support you, advocate for you, and to help you achieve the goals you set throughout the course of treatment. Furthermore, they assist in collaborating across systems with which you, the client, might be involved. Learn more about our addiction services, including group counseling, today. If you want to learn more about patient privacy rights click here.

Group Counseling

What to Expect

Group counseling at Milestone typically consists of 8 to 12 clients and a counselor who guides the discussion and activities. Group counseling sessions with the counselors at Milestone can build a sense of community and inclusion, and are a key component of our treatment plans. Our group counseling, which is designed specifically to address the needs of individuals on medication assisted treatment, in conjunction with 12-step meetings is an ideal combination of group therapy and support.

Milestone counselors are trained to lead and facilitate discussions, and will often encourage group members to participate. They’ll be listening for common themes and issues that reoccur in group to identify trends. Group counseling sessions focus on specific topics, including triggers for relapse, coping skills, self-care, and relapse prevention. The aim of group counseling is to give those attending the opportunity to learn about others’ experiences, thought processes, and progress in recovery so that they might better understand their own recovery.